the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in epiphany tiffany, handfuls of ambition by enisea on 14/04/2011

I will flex my self-control with weekly bouts of practice over the next month.  My life is currently heavy with vice, hence the shallow decision for haitus:

April18th – 24th: No chocolate (not even beverage or dusting)

April 25th – 30th: No facebook

May 1st – 8th: No television

May 9th – 15th: No blogging (neither checking, browsing and/or writing)


Due of my frailty, I don’t think I could compound these detoxes, I will, however(in these beginning stages) refrain from each for a week.  Then, as my self-control is strengthened (hopefully), I will be able to persist and refrain for longer with less. I hypothesise the TV haitus to be easiest, chocolate cravings to indict the greatest withdrawal, the facebook block to be the most revelational of freedom and time, and the blogging ban to re-align and remind myself of being a participator in life and not just the narrator of a perspective.


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