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Posted in 52 pickup, thought spills by enisea on 25/04/2011

I’ve been surprised by many a friend’s dependance on youtube for entertainment.  Let me rephrase, I’ve been shocked by many a Christian friends’ idea of humour being some crude video of questionable expression.  I usually feel obliged to smile or smirk along with that which I abhor, and I don’t know why… I think it’s because people go “Oh, oh, let me show you this, it’s really funny!” in which case I get an unrealistic expectation that I’m actually going to agree with this humour – so I usually force a smirk to lessen my own disappointment, and refrain from saying “I don’t think that’s funny…I’m actually disgusted”, for fear of offending somebody I like.  Hahaha, or maybe I’m really not funny and don’t at all understand how to appreciate humour.

I’m of the school of thought that your exhales are a product of your inhales. That what you let into your system, influences your system and eventually finds some way out of your system.  I don’t think spectating can claim ‘innocence’ or be completely removed from our influence or priority.  That which we give audience to, we give permission to. 

Take, for example, contemporary satire (most instances of it anyway): if you give audience to the offending of others, to the mockery of another (and actually find it hilarious), there’s a heavy chance you’ll permit yourself do likewise, offending and mocking others as your expression of humour, or at least quietly agree. Ah, of course, then the defense mechanisms stutter, “But I love satire, andstill have respect for people!”, probably because you have been conditionally blinded to the output of that which you tolerate.

I think the danger of ‘free expression’ is that we are taught that it is all acceptable… where swearing, immorality and showing contempt for others is agreed with, laughed over and hailed as popular.  (Sidenote: I believe there is nothing more useless than swearing – its only purpose is to offend and profane).  Fear not, I will not accuse youtube of being evil – I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for expression and opportunity.  Alas, its openness opens opportunity to all plethora of expression: good, bad, and very, very ugly.  And I’m only disheartened and slightly disappointed that too many of my friends, whom I love, are very familiar with that which makes me cringe.  I really don’t need to expand anymore on this… haha, you don’t need me to assume the persona of a concerned parent, you’ve heard it all before.

Now comes the begging.  Please be very careful. Please, please, please be careful with what you let into your hearts and your minds.  It has the potential to poison the parts of you that I admire and inspire me (haha, how selfish, “whatever you do, please don’t let me down!”).  Whatever is still pure in you, guard with all your might!  And whatever is not, seek to restore!  Do not become accustomed to the gross culture of today!  We live an a very confused society: when feminism and masculity war savagely, when war and disaster are only concerns until we change the channel, when morality and purity are obsolete, & when the convenience and consumerism of the rich ravage the earth, the poor and our values.

I watched a couple of ‘mychonny’ videos for the first time the other day because the guys put it on… he’s really rude.  My Sunday-school kids think he’s funny – see my problem?

…whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whaever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworth – meditate on these things.

PHIL 4:8

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