the dance of the ink riddled fingers

the prayer of the weak

Posted in 52 pickup by enisea on 21/05/2011

Dear God,

I need help.

Please give me the strength to abstain and/or moderate whatever it is and wherever necessary.  I am overwhelmed by cravings, running low on self-control and my endurance hasn’t had the best track record.  I really hate slaving to the useless ideals of paper-mache, museums and mirrors.  You said your power is made perfect in weakness, and there’s plenty of that here.  My short-term memory is also a little worrying; I don’t think it helps that I forget the wonderful things you’ve done for me and the almost excessive promises you’ve promised.  I’m here a lot, I know, at this place of weakness.  But you always make me smile, however deep I get stuck – you’ve got a pretty blessed sense of humour and I love that you’ll never leave nor forsake me.  So thank you for being bigger than this.  Thank you that you need only touch my tangles to loosen them, even if you make me untangle them myself.  Thanks for your patience – I would’ve made myself so mad if I had to deal with me… wait – I do (heh).  But thanks most of all for love, and that I never need to look very far for it, because most times I wander from it, it you find me.

Love, a very indebted daughter.


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