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Posted in book club, how was your day? by enisea on 04/06/2011

For once, a front page caught and commanded my attention!  I never hardly read newspapers.  There are exceptions, when I’m fiddly and all before me are the spineless, tired, grey leaves; whereby I’d just flick through, looking at pictures, skimming headlines and reading the most bizarre, or trying to find the puzzle and comics section… or when I’m covering a table intended for messy children’s play.  I don’t exactly want to make habit of digesting the now tasteless, unsuspecting absorption of media and it’s dramatic or partly-fabricated rumours, sometimes truth, othertimes entertainment. Ahh, but there, as I poured milk over my bowl of Sultana bran and conflake mix this Saturday morning, I permitted my eyes curiously scan the usually colourful weekend headlines of the paper closeby. Pleasantly impressived, I smiled and immediately took both my breakfast and the paper closer to a wonderfully warm window where I might have looked like my Father reading them.

Today was a satisfying morning! I slept in until my phone wakes me with a “MESSAGE!” at quart to ten (I haven’t slept in for so long, it was wonderful leaving my alarm off), took my time meandering downstairs to make brekkie, and read an article which I deem truly intriguing and of a really important issue!  And while I might not agree with its musing that perhaps humanity could not live without deceit or that we were somewhat “designed to deceive”, or that, like some animals, deception has kept us alived, or motivated enough to keep so in harsh situations, it was a wonderful refresher from the tiresome chase of all plethora of vanity and celebrity ‘stuffs’.  What’s ironic is that it was published in the grey pages of suspicious media. The newspapers have got to be somewhere up there with the notorious persuaders of sided opinion and half stories!  Regardless, I’d definitely recommend the read – even if it was only the tip of an immeasurable iceberg!  Oh, and if you get your hands on one of the books mentioned in this article, let me know too, I’d love to read them!


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