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let creative freedom spike

Posted in heroes of mine, i like to music music, thought spills by enisea on 06/06/2011

I love how as he begins to recite, some trapped and vivid character is allowed freedom and washes him in youthful glee.

I can imagine that whoever spiked Milligan’s sensibility had in mind insanity or an incomprehensible genius secret. I love this, I think its brilliant, but at the same time, I don’t know if I could sing it to my children because it makes no sense and I’d like them to learn sense. Yet I am weakened by the unashamed display of abstract interpretation – which is a wonderful thing to conceive in a human being, let along a child!  Who said that the things we write, we sing, we draw, we animate had to be confined reflections of the gravity we witness?  Why, I believe the most incredible minds did their best to shatter their containers of mind, so that understanding would spill onto the jagged surface of an incredible planet and all it’s discoveries!

I’ve been thumped on the head by convention and I’m not sure whether to retaliate or not.

Hahaha, and then this slightly more contemporary, yet still wonderful rendition.


I suppose you can tell I’ve just listened the whole way through the 1996 play school favourites CD of 31 songs, when I try to reason “the ning nang nong”.  It’s beautiful outside, and I don’t know if I know exactly what I’m doing. 

This madness, I love, yet fail to understand.


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  1. saNdra said, on 17/06/2011 at 5:59 PM

    ZOMG YOU FOUND THE NING NANG NONG SONG! i’ve always wanted to find it ZOMG! tick on things to do in life list lol

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