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the best things in life are gifts

Posted in frozen frames, how was your day?, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 07/06/2011

6:22am saw me stir from unconsciousness as the alarm I set policed my comfort.  It wasn’t until 6:43am that I decided to switch on my bedside lamp and sit up in bed.  I think I sat and stared unknowingly at the familiar space until I realised that there sat a foreign object.  In my slow perplexed state of morning, I tried to match it with some sort of sense and did, eventually.  The first thought was Sandii.  That looks like Sandii’s little keychain – it’s little just like it.  It’s green. It really does look like Sandii’s keychain.  I think it’s a macaron.  What’s a macaron doing here? It’s on a tissue – maybe it’s real.  Look, there’s a card.  I think it’s really there. Maybe’s it’s a gift.  By now I had lumbered dumbly closer and my brain cogs had helpfully begun their momentous processes. I think that’s Sandii – she came over last night, that was a nice, that was really nice.  She doesn’t come regularly on Mondays.  She must’ve snuck into my room before or after leaving.  Oh, she left me a gift. OH, SHE LEFT ME A GIFT.  What a wonderful way to start the morning… I think I was meant to find it last night.  I wonder if it’s stale.  Maybe it’s real.  Here, I tap my fingernail on it, leaving a small indent, I then place my right index finger on top of it and press it down, and under the pressure, the small perfect form cracks almost symmetrically and oops, it’s real comes to mind.

Five minutes later I’m realising that she was slightly defensive and snappy in hiding a rectangular prism from me last night in an abrupt, almost rude manner, for this reason. And I gladly bury potential hurt.  So, I had a sweet morning.  But that’s not where my pleasant surprises ended.

Driving home from work, I enter my long and windy street, to find myself gawking at the perfection of one of the most magnificent rainbows I’ve ever seen.  It was thick, it boasted “look at me”, and it made an arch from one point of the horizon to another.  It was full and of distinguished vibrance!  Against the duller backdrop of monotonous cloud, it was love at first sight!  I hastily pull into the garage, and run into the house to snatch Dad’s DSLR from its little corner in the study and then drive down my street and back up trying to catch the brightest part of it.  To my confused desire, the sun lifted her face to send a warm glow through the sky and the rainbow lessened in an easy throb to appear camera-shy for the one photo I had the heart to take.  Regardless, I got to see it, and though I don’t get to share the height of the moment with you, I hope this suffices.  The rainbow’s really faint and I tried to find an angle where the rainbow rested on my house (the one to the left of the one under the rainbow), alas it was not possible without leaving the car and I didn’t want to risk getting Daddio’s camera wet.  It’s really faint, but the sky’s a lovely sepia!  It hit me how rich I was, having previewed the photo.  These houses look towering. It’s crazy that I daily take my residence for granted. A wide and spacious abode, a place I call home, with the only people I can imagine living well with.

James 1:17


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  1. Sleeven said, on 07/06/2011 at 7:00 PM

    Thats defs something awesome to wake up to :))
    and I really like the second shot, good work Nik! :D

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