the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 10/06/2011

8:05am and I clammer delusionally onto the assignment submission page, write a comment three sentences long trying to make light of my dangerously last minute scramble.  Browse the computer for the file of my essay, found it. Briliant. Submit.

Doubletake. Ugggghhhh, forgot to click “upload”.  So I frantically email my lecturer with the forgotten attachment and then try to call college, but only the librarian was there and she says the earliest I can probably get assistance is after 8:30am…which is when the whole things closes.

Hahahaha! TRUST!!!

Oh, and I know that looking at the date it was due, you’d think I was so miserably late that marks had been deducted and the most I could probably score is -10%, but the rule of this college is that if it’s late, you drop to the highest potential of 50% from one minutes late to the end of semester (8:30am today).

Dear God,
thanks for manually operating my brain, it had no strength of it’s own to submit 4 assignments and an exam in a week. 
You’re amazing! …and you make me laugh at my own ability.

Much love, the delusional daughter.


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