the dance of the ink riddled fingers

the kaleidoscope of expression

We explored, tonight, a just a handful of definitions of ‘worship’ via cliché Psalm 23.  Haha, I confess I was a little perplexed that such an unconventional church would have selected such a conventional verse to explore.  So the idea was to take quick glances at the scripture and then do as we saw fit with such direction in a variety of interesting expression groups: songwriting, painting, scrapbooking, discussions and journaling and such.

Of course, not wanting to miss out on other potentially interesting and enriching experiences, I engage in not one, but three: scrapbooking, painting and discussion.  It’s really fresh taking an intriguing passage of scripture and presenting it in a manner which translates to me.  Hahaha, or maybe I just haven’t held a paintbrush in that long!!  It’s nice being reminded that The Good Book isn’t merely dull words on delicate pages, but the vivacious and impetuous love story between Creator and creation.

Here’s mine.

Anyway, the church whose initiative this was is called Kaleidoscope (they have a cafe in Brunswick – 161 Sydney Rd – I’m yet to visit!); and they have a pretty evident creative underlining, which is wonderful and refreshing! As much as I love worshipping God in song, I adore the other compartments of lifestyle that ‘worship’ should permeate.  And I’m sure that God, who by nature is creative and by relation is our Creator, appreciates the depth of creative expression and infuses ‘art’ with unexplainable understanding that argumentative reason cannot comprehend!

But Christian or not-Christian, whoever you are, try to express your love for whoever you love in a different manner than you usually do, and I promise you, those to whom your expression is t’wards will adore and appreciate it! Cook your girlfriend a meal, write your father a postcard, draw your sister a picture, take a photo for your mother, make a sculpture of musk sticks for your brother.  These are all strange and potentially quirky ideas, and as much as you may receive suspicious looks – in their hearts they really do appreciate it.  Change love up a little! As a fashionesta will always love fashion, he or she knows that each season looks different and their obsession with fashion’s metamorphoses will ensure they change the way they do fashion.  Get me?  If you love the same way all the time, methinks you’re erring on the edge of comfortable and familiar boredom.  Of course, do be reasonable, some things need to be maintained and kept consistent – but throw an unexpected bouquet of balloons into the works and watch eyes light up and sincere appreciation float all around the usual clockwork!


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  1. Rach said, on 18/06/2011 at 1:06 PM

    Looks great nik! And Kaleidoscope sounds rad.

    Everybody should walk around all day blowing bubbles instead of cigarettes

  2. saNdra said, on 18/06/2011 at 11:28 PM

    heys that’s quite awesome! the never ending ways we can express our love ! =]

    love the piece.

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