the dance of the ink riddled fingers


I’ve scribbled on a canvas before, and two weeks ago I collaged on a canvas, but I’ve never been brave enough to paint an actual painting – something of meaning, where I didn’t just let the paint direct itself, but with purposeful stroke upon purposeful stroke, positioned different colours to assemble the resemblence of intention… until today.  Let me explain this one: the theme was Justice, and so the thought came to me as I wrote the word out and stretched the ‘J’ down far and let the rest of the letters float on the surface, that I saw an iceberg.  What we comprehend and perceive of Justice, I believe, is just the tip of the iceberg.  It goes much deeper than we understand and the body of it is hidden from view. So the ‘J’ took on the depth of the iceberg and ‘us’ simply represented us in the scheme of justice.  The ‘t’ resembled the cross: Christ, who is central and also the pinnacle example of justice in practice and justice practiced. With the leftover ‘ice’ just echoing my imagery of iceberg.  Hahaha, so I’m very happy that the word worked out, and that the painting was ‘finished’.  I realised after that I forgot to dot my ‘i’s.  Also, I bet any decent painter, knowledgeable in matters of colour and reflection and refraction might tell me I got the colour order, shadows, shading or texture wrong.  But heck, being the amateur, I’m just pleased I was able to get it finished!  I think everyone there had a much thicker experience of painting, all of them had done classes, so I was glad to be in their company, and very pleased that I never felt intimidated or inadequate on this chilly morning!

It was market morning this morning, they [Kaleidoscope] call it Art of Justice.  A fairtrade table was established – all profits returning to those who crafted the items, a handful of us set up canvases and painted, while [at peak] 4 guitarists strummed acoustic sets all the while trying to gather money for really heartbreaking causes.  It was cold outside at 8:30am til midday, but a really different experience!  So I’m glad for it.  It’s different from church, or a different set up of ‘church’ than the one I’m familiar with.  But that’s exactly what broadening horizons entails, doesn’t it?  A considerable amount of unfamiliar circumstances, and an affordability to avail oneself to them.

Returning to my ‘home church’ that evening was wonderfully warm – not just the insulated building, but the family I have there.  Wow, it’s nice calling them my ‘home church’, I’ve never referred to them as that before!  But this place is essentially home for me. I’ve only ever known this church to be ‘church’.  And God willing, I’ll have the luxury of remaining comfortable in this familiar abode for as long as He would permit – goodness, I hope it’s for a little while yet!

Yeah.  I also napped this afternoon, because I felt horrid.  I haven’t napped in a while – I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I can’t say it was useless either. Strange.  I don’t like sleeping during the day, I feel like it’s a waste of daylight.  I love daylight.  I’ll tell you later of my lessons in love.


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  1. Sleeven said, on 27/06/2011 at 12:00 AM

    mad props on the painting, cause i wouldn’t be able to do any better and an even MADDER love for you my dear sister :))

    p.s. that’s a double chin since i’m so fat now, love!

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