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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 01/07/2011

I fancy myself a finder of fun things. 

I’ve done a ridiculous amount of shopping this last fortnight.  Much of this shopping has been at op shops and such – alas, addiction is pulling me back to these unpredictable treasure troves!  Unusually, I have a few brand-spankin’ new things to show off – I most often buy things 2nd hand, because the value is usually better.  And since I don’t mind recycling preloved goods it becomes harder to justify buying brand new things unless these brand new things seem worth their penny! 

I (finally) bought new runners $30, found myself these funky drink bottles (ebay gave me four of these 480ml containers in different colours for $2.75AUD), new toothbrushes ($1.20 ea) and a new phone (‘free’ with contract)… also got my UE’s reshelled into fancy custom inears (I don’t actually know how much these will cost me, I presume my friend will not overcharge me, but these are the first ones that don’t fall out with just a shake of my head!)

So my new ‘smart’ phone is taking a little effort to get to know.  The Android is a system I find myself trial and erroring with.  The numerous default apps are already excessive and I’m trying to keep the ones on screen to a minimum – out of sight, out of mind – most are very unnecessary!  The touch querty makes out as if my fingers were giant and obese, meshing letters into a mess of words and excessive full stops, often wrongly assuming my intentions.  But this is apparently the future and the only reason I finally caved to getting ‘smart’ about my mobile is because this Motorolla Defy is apparently that much more durable – which is all I need to hear!  The least ugly of the ‘rugged’ phones currently available, this one claims to be scratch, water and dust resistant.  This, I require of my technology because I don’t care enough for it!

If I were to take a photo of my fortnight of second hand purchases under a total of $100, it’d blow your mind.  I probably can’t afford to be indulging in retail therapy, even if it’s bargain upon bargain, because the wage of a part-time kindergarten teacher under a little bit of debt will keep me busy for a little while yet!  This said, I can’t complain, life is rich.  It’s probably amazing that I could even afford to buy new shoes! How much of the world’s population can afford to buy new shoes? Sheesh, what a thought!  How much of the world don’t even have a toothbrush?  Scrap that, how much of the world actually has a drink bottle (or four), let alone clean water to fill it with? Oh shame!! Thoughts like these make me want to stop spending. I should try to remember poverty a little more often… and try to do something about it, shouldn’t I?


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