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The Five Love Languages

Posted in book club by enisea on 12/07/2011

I’m hopelessly behind in my 2011 resolution to read one book a month (at least) and review it. This birthday present took me a casual 6 weeks to stroll through.  Irregular gaps between reading each chapter dragged it out like it did; but wonderfully, the structure of this text permitted such without so much as rebuke for halting flow here and there.  Resembling a relevant and intriguing textbook, topically on my favourite subject, it gave me insight on the difference between the defensive ‘but I love them!’, to inquiring ‘do they actually feel loved?’.  Because through the stark gaps in each of our opinions and perceptions, even that love which I believed I delivered clear and sharp, could fall into the hands of another without being accepted as first intended – i.e. I could ‘give love’ and whoever receives it might not even recognise it as ‘love-ly’.  And this is why I’d recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be a very good lover – in contexts of sincerely understanding and appreciating every person who means something to you.

The Five Love Languages is not the most riveting book I’ve ever read, it being very structured, very predictable in form and layout and presentation.  Like a textbook, I found it mostly informative – wherein it had some very reasonable considerations and understandings which made a whole lot of sense!  Most stories or examples given made me smirk to myself and remember one friend or another and sigh “Oh that’s why they’re like that!”.

If you’ll notice, I have the ‘singles addition’. Apparently the original version was for married couples and thousands of unmarried people read it and requested one for the unwed.  So the singles addition addresses every avenue of relationship: friends, family (between siblings and parent-child), roommates, co-workers, single parents, and dating and romantic relationships.  Essentially how to make the most of your interaction with everyone you encounter!

I just recommend reading it and amusing yourself with the guesswork of trying to decipher the love languages of those in your proximity.  Of the five love languages, which speaks ‘love’ most to you? Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch?  Is there one in particular? Are there three that you feel appreciated by? If you want, just ask me and you can borrow mine, I probably won’t be reading it again for a while.

I just bought new 3 new books from Koorong today so I plan to be reading a little more regularly.  I judge books by their covers all the time.  These books had appealing covers!


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  1. saNdra said, on 12/07/2011 at 5:12 PM

    ohh i just came back from youth camp and someone recommend that book too hehe..
    i also judge book buy its covers ..grr.. my comic book habit of mine

    take care! we should catch up sometime =]

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