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loving the villain

Posted in epiphany tiffany, pin the tail on the love, thought spills by enisea on 13/07/2011

One of the most curious thoughts I’ve had to consider and digest is that of who is worth love.  Sure, everyone is worth loving, right?  Everyone needs love, therefore everyone ought to have love.  Right? Yes, we also know that not everyone is perfect, we know everyone has the capacity to be horrible. After all, we’re awful and selfish creatures.  Lately, I’ve had to wonder what to do with the surfacing of this information.  I have friends.  I have “good” friends, the ones who are categorised by worldly standards as “good”, but I also have friends who are “bad” friends.  I have friends who come between relationships, who gossip, who steal, who lie, who sexually abuse, who drink and drive, who womanise.   And a year ago, I would’ve thrown my hands up and permitted that chasm of awkward dis-ownership to separate myself from these people.  But is that rather discriminatory of love?  I care about these people. Somewhere along the journey of friendship, they’ve benefitted me!  They’ve blessed me in their company and their manner!  So what do you do when they perform things that you cannot agree with.  It frustrates me sometimes, the character of these horrible people (my friends) and though I think their behaviour is rather destructive to both themselves and others  – am I really ‘better’ than they?  It is only when these horrible truths of a person’s habit come to surface that we all freak out and wonder “how were we even friends with them?”.  But as long as we keep our horrible habits from surfacing, we are decent people for what others don’t yet know about us.

I read a headline of a Christian  article years ago and cut it out because it was the first time this concept was introduced to me; it read, “Everyone loves a good villain, especially God.”

There are a number of things that irritate me, but I’ve discovered that one surefire way to furrow my brow is by speaking with utter contempt about another human being.  I remember a while ago, reading a relative’s blog; they were fuming over a video of some idiot who was very clearly practicing animal cruelty.  Don’t get me wrong, cruelty of any kind is horrible, but the contempt which they wrote with, the depth of their hate for this person they didn’t know was darker than any sort of animal cruelty I’ve ever known.  We cannot show contempt for others merely because you are not in a perfect position to.

And even though there are some really horrible people out there, or in here, or that I am… like it or not, they need love.  Because love is a human need and they – as horrible as they are, are still human.  People who murder and rape and plunder and abuse and mistreat and corrupt and greedily destroy others, they were all born needing love, and somewhere along the way, they didn’t get enough… and the lack of love made them cold and bitter and festered inside of them, making them more and more “horrible”… do you understand this process?

Right, so if you were to show contempt for another human being, wouldn’t it make you cold and bitter and fester inside of you, making you more and more “horrible”?

Anyway, stop judging people, stupid woman.  You’re I’m not that good a person.


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