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dinner #4… with jazz for dessert

Posted in how was your day?, i like to music music, incr-edibles by enisea on 14/07/2011

My Ma is really good at making creamy pasta.  So I, hoping the essence of good-cookery be hereditary, tried it myself.  Of course, I’m too lazy to consult a recipe…or even call up the mother.  So I walked the aisles of the local supermarket and bought: pasta, chose a handful of mushrooms, chicken breast, a little thing of thickened cream and red onions.  From memory, I resolved that that sufficed.

So I made pasta.  It was nowhere near as creamy or tasty as Ma’s practiced and perfect dish.  Personally, I found it a little short of sauce and towards the bland side of the scales, but that was easily remedied by melting tasty cheese through it.  Scored a 6.5 in my books – which I think is decent for blind cooking… and it satisfied the family.

After dinner, I picked Jo up from work and he and I watched the Dan Shehaan Quartet (though tonight they were a quintet) at the Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club.  Will (sax/flute) is my gig informer for half of the gigs I actually attend, great sax-ist.  Andrew (drums) was hypnotic to watch. Paul (trumpet) was the guest player who had an impressive breath holding capacity. Brendan’s (bass) hand and finger movements over the strings was intriguing. And Dan Sheehan, the man of the moment has a ridiculous musicality about him, the way his fingers danced over the ivory of the grand piano, but more fantastic was the fact that he composed every score they played.  I do not understand jazz, it’s unpredictability and strangeness is totally foreign to me – the timing of it is so unconventional, it’s almost frustrating to the unacquired ear!

Oh, the thing with this venue, is that music is not merely a background entertainment for cultivating a lively and casual atmosphere, the place was almost silent as if to hail the music and surrender to it all authority.  Anyway, it was an experience!  I used to say I loved jazz, I was wrong, I thought ‘funk’ was jazz, and I like jazzy elements, I like it occasionally strewn in some funky and bluesy composition, but ‘jazz’ as I encountered tonight is a stranger to me.  An intriguing and nice stranger, but not one I feel comfortable dancing with…if indeed it is one to agree with dancing.


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