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Hey Ya, transform my marriage?

Posted in he said she said, pin the tail on the love, thought spills by enisea on 23/07/2011
"I'm not scared of you! Stop it!"

Apologies! I couldn’t resist! My cousins always post silly videos like this on facebook and this time I fell for the temptation of watching a couple… to my complete glee!!  The first, adorably hilarious!  The second, questionably unethical but stil noticably cute.  While on this thought of ridiculous videos. I watched transformers3; whoever told me it was good or great has a very low standard of cinematic experience.  So many holes in the plot and unexplained and stupid directions to the eventual ending. How do robots age? And why do they have beards? Why was Optimus stuck in string? Why why why? So ridiculous. Oh yeah…ps: spoiler alert. Good prevails and the bad guys lose. As opposed to the cartoon movie where there were mostly transformers and few humans, in this latest trilogy, there are too many humans and a marvelous lack of transformers.  It’s not even as “action packed” as I was told it was. Fortunately for me I was told repeatedly how bad it was going to be and therefore lowered my expectations as much as I knew how, and so wasn’t actually disappointed, merely unimpressed.


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