the dance of the ink riddled fingers

all the single ladies

Posted in he said she said, heroes of mine, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 25/07/2011

This gave me all the hope in the world!  There is wonderful wordplay in this piece! I’ve probably watched it about fifteen times in total, especially in the times I’m a little more tempted to go along with some flirtatious shallow entertainment.  Hahaha, I find myself rather embarassed to talk about singleness, as if I were embarassed to mention that I desire to be part of a companionship.  But I thought to put this up because it encouraged me incredibly and I really shouldn’t let my own embarassment stop me from encouraging other Christ-loving single ladies and nodding hope their way.

 The pressure of this society to believe that the answer to life’s questions and cravings are simply fulfilled in finding “Mr. Right” is dreadfully deceptive.  The only human being who ever was a perfect answer was/is Jesus Christ, but I’m sure we can hope that one close enough to Him finds us, hey? 

Anyway, enjoy, I can think of three people who would thoroughly appreciate this, for you three ;) “I tried to told ya’ll”


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