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“don’t even begin to poke at Christians, their logic is too holey”

Posted in how was your day?, thought spills by enisea on 28/07/2011

The of late conversations have erred itchily on people’s fear of offending me.  I don’t know what it is, but people are afraid to ask about my faith or question my faith as though they rather keep me in my ‘sheltered and naive ideology’ because it might be a crime to collapse my foundational beliefs… and nobody wants to have to pick up those pieces after I’ve been shattered!  The last decent faith inquiring conversation I had with another, entailed much asking about the ‘if’ questions regarding God’s character and the apparent contradictions between description and reality, preceded or proceeded by apology – as though to remedy the offense I probably took. 

Go ahead, point out the ridiculous parts of faith and what you think hilarious about it, tell me what doesn’t makes sense and how much of it perplexes you.  I promise not to fall into a hopeless heap when you beat at the house that I’ve built.  For goodness sake, help me test to see if this ground I’ve built on is steady and sturdy!  I don’t think Christianity is as flawed as every non-Christian believes  – in fact, I don’t find it flawed at all (…I believe our delivery and practice/practise of it is flawed… but not Christ, not He whom we try to imitate).  Honest to goodness, I adore intellectually stimulating conversations, especially those pertaining to faith, as that’s probably the topic I’m most knowledgable on of all the topics in my world – and the one of most interest to me – hahaha, I’m not even very knowledgable on it.  I don’t have all the answers, I only have some.  I have answered those questions which I needed to answer in order to, myself, be convinced.  Those answers may or may not appeal to you, but I will try to answer yours if you ask me.  But for a couple of the trickier questions I might just pause and sigh those wonderfully excusing words, “I don’t know” (because I appreciate the imperfection of honesty and the honesty of imperfection).  This said, don’t be afraid of turning me inside out; of revealing cracks in the floor of my theology and reason.  Help me find the leaks in my ceilings or the inconsistency of my tiled understandings.  Inspect my furniture and make me justify why I positioned them as I did.  I’d like to think I’ve scaffolded sufficiently and that my structure is strong, but hey, try to prove me wrong: shake it, test it, quality assure me!

We’re supposed to have answers for our faith.  So don’t walk around me as though scared of breaking the timid optimism I wear.  Goodness, I’m childish, young and such, but I won’t look at you aghast and cry “why would you break my belief?”

Hey, if Christianity isn’t right, make me realise it so I don’t live a delusional life of misinformed foundation!  Why would you let me live in delirium? Hahaha!  Bottomline – if you question my faith, I promise not to fall to pieces. 

Hahaha, WITHIN REASON, I don’t accept cruelty and pointless meanness, nor find angry arguers of any beneficial and/or enjoyable conversation. I will talk if you will listen and I will listen if you will talk.  Also, for these conversations, they are much better live and in person than via network/electronic communication.

(Can you tell I’m suggesting you invite me to a friendly round of caramel (soy) milkshakes?)


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