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the unknown at parties

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 31/07/2011

Having shown face at a couple of parties last night, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little unnerved by the fact that I spent a quarter of my tank driving to parties where I knew about 2% of the population.  Hahaha, I believe I put on a brave face, but heck – I didn’t know many people.  Like a surprisingly cold drink, it reverberated the fact that my world was very small, whilst reiterating the fact that shoving self out of the comfort of familiarity is quite exhausting.  Why I didn’t just stay at the first party where I knew most of the crowd, and why I decided to travel inconveniently all over Melbourne to say “hi and happy birthday” to a couple of cool people, is beyond me!  I’m not quite rational.  Though the experience made me really appreciate the few people I did know.  It’s funny, I’m much shier than people perceive – well, I’m not crippled by lack of familiar faces, just a little more fidgety.  But I’m working on getting that down to zero.  Anyway, next time you see some kid at a party looking forlornly like they need to be saved from the silent embarrassment of solitary, go over and talk some.  I They appreciate it, it also makes you an advocate of friendliness – I like friendliness, it makes strangers rather exciting… and reminds me of home.


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