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tessa & the typecast

Posted in i like to music music by enisea on 06/08/2011

I adore watching musicians dance. I love feeding off the character of their enthused adrenalin.  I watched Tessa’s involvement with music put dents in her body here and there – her face exhibit a wonderful bliss, as her shoulders bounced upon her moving torso, her knees buckling at the occasional welling sound (all while her fingers never left the black and white keys).  I find myself much more willing to surrender easily to a type of sound if I can see and agree with the effect it has on its children.

I went to watch the Paper Kites a little while back, and admittedly, Tessa & the Typecast (supporting act) thrilled me more – the more music makes me dance, the more I’m inclined to agree.  I bought their single there and let it collect a little dust for about 2 weeks before remembering and deciding to listen to the two songs on their single while I folded the clothes.  I had to stop folding the clothes to dance for about 15 minutes in a chaotic edition of bizarre coordination, later realising that the clothes could not dance with me, and so inefficiently folded the clothes between twirls.  Wonderful sound!

Listen hereDownload here.  Definitely love their 2011 tracks, only one is available for download (legally).  I’ll need to make my way to a gig again to buy their single again just for that one track that I want since I sent the one I bought two weeks ago to Kat- because she complained that there was lack of indi-scene/music in Sydney, or few Sydney-siders who appreciated the music she likes which is the music I like, yada yada.

I will live and I will love.


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