the dance of the ink riddled fingers

crying over spilt milk

Posted in epiphany tiffany by enisea on 17/08/2011

It seems I have been crying over spilt milk.  When one walls themselves in and isolates self, there is little protection from the darkness of imagination or the impossible heaviness of pessimism.  Even for apparently positive people like me.  It seems that in loneliness, we become very self-centred and very irrationally disappointed by the smallest dents in life.  When really, all one needs is to surround self in strong company.  It’s like walking with giants.  I’m surrounded by incredibly inspiring giants who cannot fit into the confines of a pity party, or who laugh at laziness and don’t fall for bullsh*t selfishness.  I suppose I’m a little ashamed of my week-long spat of childish dilemma when life really isn’t that bad, things aren’t really falling apart – I’m just really lazy and don’t like to deal with the chores of life as they arise.  This will have to be addressed and I’ve got to get back to my class full of intelligent and inspiring people!


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