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pride goes before a mighty fall

Posted in 52 pickup, how was your day? by enisea on 25/09/2011

A stupid ego and an air of arrogance was the driving force behind our unwise decision to take on an obstacle course after midnight.  Having talked so much trash and egged each other on like immature teenagers, we trek to the course under the heavily star studded blanket of dark.  Equip with several torches, a stopwatch and hasty spirit, I decided to be first into our little challenge to complete the ten part obstacle course in a matter of minutes… I only completed three parts.

The fourth had me down for the count.  I plunged face first into shallow tan bark, my hands still gripping one rope, feet tangled in the other.  My shocked onlookers called it the pendulum fall, or something to that effect.  I remember suddenly being pressed against the ground by merciless gravity, it being really dark, and not knowing which way was up, or how to get there.  I was heaved up by D and welcomed by a string of gasps about there being a lot of blood, but the main confusing was the disorientation and slow throbbing of replayed impact in my head.  Once hoisted up, I apparently pulled away and tried to walk away to which I instead staggered drunkenly sideways, before being corrected and held up the whole walk back by Adz.  I accepted a white styrofoam cup of water from Sandy, which, when I took away from my lips, saw my transfer of saliva and blood, a pretty impressive amount too, and realised the sting on my bottom lip.  I rinsed my mouth, wiped it several times with coarse and wet toilet paper, dosed my lip in saline and then tried to brave antiseptic wipes.  I was attended to by the two funny ladies for the clean up process who one at a time tried to brave my winces and teeth-clenched groans as they brushed antiseptic over my raw and open lip.  Hahaha, sleep came easy that night, the swell and bruising came the next morning.

The photo’s of my almost recovered stage. It was much more impressive in the morning, when my lip looked a lopsided swollen. Hahaha, totally gorged myself on humble pie last night, bit my lip and bruised my chin in the process.  Having to reply to about fifty other campers about why I looked so damaged, stirred my imagination to humour a few variations of what actually happened.  “CJ punched me in the face”, “While everyone was sleeping, I had to defend the camp from giants”, “Don’t feel too sorry for me, you should’ve seen the other three grown men”, “This was the last time. I left him… lying in a pool of his own blood”, and other stupid and sometimes morbid stories like that.

My faceplant has apparently been heralded as a pretty epic one. It certainly felt like it.

Moral of the story: don’t boast , don’t try new and untested strategies of obstacle course travel at an unreasonably speed, and think twice about trying the obstacle course after midnight when already a little tired.

Would I do it again? Yessirree.


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  1. charlie said, on 26/09/2011 at 9:46 PM

    ouch! u wouldn’t look outta place in a police file there ><''
    oh! and that didn't happen to be at that camp in belgrave-ish whose name just escapes me did it?
    lol so ungrammatical, hope ur feeling better now, and good thing u didn't lose any teeth =)

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