the dance of the ink riddled fingers

two way street

Posted in i like to music music, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 27/09/2011

A strange street.  Where the walls change and the wind seems to blow a different direction every time you think you’ve figured it out.  Where it is wide and open and the breeze is easy with ample space to dance, but also, in a blink could grow harrowingly narrow as the sepia freckled bricks are replaced by moving concrete slabs and the crawling ivy evolves into thorny shrub over the cold grey, unfriendly to touch.  Though just as easily melted by a little sunlight, a ray or two of stunning and smouldering sunlight, withering the thorns to brittle ash, as rainbow bandits graffiti the slabs of concrete and free children chalk the road.  But come a gust of dry wind and the colours are dusted and appear instantly lack-lustre , or come the unkind storm and the strange bipolar character of the weather on this street and the scene is changed. Sometimes plastered with posters of cinematic hollywood, later with bitter scribbled marker blacking out anything remotely attractive, with bold and unglamourous text claiming “love stinks/sucks/hurts”. Sometimes the walls crumble and there is only road and too much space, sometimes it is too narrow and we are uncomfortable brushing shoulders with someone(s) we’re unsure we agree with or not.   As often as it is safe, it is just as unsafe.  Deceivingly predictable and mercilessly teasing, you know not what the street will surface: the best and worst of those who walk it, in good days and hard ones.  We second guess each other, we second guess ourselves; we discover and rediscover; we are intrigued and exasperated, disappointed and amazed. 

Everyone wants to walk it.  Everyone thinks twice once walking it. 

Welcome to this two way street.

Adore all five of the sing sing studio Kimbra takes.

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