the dance of the ink riddled fingers

Liar – topic: lover.

Posted in 52 pickup, pin the tail on the love, the poet-tree by enisea on 04/10/2011

He came when I was feeling weak
His whispers planted on my cheek
My hands arrested, figure frozen
Eyes clenched shut but ears wide open

“You’re a little late and you fear, rightly so
You’ve opened yourself to love too slow
But I’ll send you a handful of charming strangers
To temporarily fill fractions of empty equations

Forgotten names of occasional new faces
Of flirtateous fellows or friendly acquaintances.
Of people who don’t know you at all well
Who believe your polite smile though you’re bored to hell

Do to them what you like,
They’re as useless as you
Maybe then you’ll realise
How love is untrue”

“You may be right, there is some truth
In whom only few of whose love I’ve proved
As half built and unfinished stand my own love storeys
I’ve decided that a roof would help house my securities

I refuse to believe that building love is in vain
That there is no benefit in all of that pain
Because love built will heal hurts of the past
Of not only I, but those sheltering in from the rain

I suppose this is the first I’ve been honest with self
And tortured myself with the thought of one else
After all this time I thought I deserved better
Yet reality tells me I’m the lower case letter

But regardless of the outcome of all of this
And though crushed by the thought that I might not be missed
Or thought worth pursuing, and worth taking that risk
One thought to never be dismissed

Is that agape love to name me His.”


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