the dance of the ink riddled fingers

taste of summer

Posted in pin the tail on the love, thought spills by enisea on 08/11/2011

Tiny explosions of blood peppered beneath the skin of my left thigh where I suppose I scratched it so violently to appease the demand of a tremendous itch.  At the mercy of natural light, we cooked the sausages, dyed pink chicken winglets, honey soy chicken, onions and white bread; entertaining the vegetarian with chips on the barbecue because it honestly adds intrigue and a different element to the crisp of it.  It was warm enough when I left the house to have been comfortable in these high-waisted shorts… but as shade by shade, daylight was vacuumed from this side of the globe and seemingly deposited in the glowing oval embedded on a minimalist dark canvas, carnivorous mite-sized mercenaries tortured the surface of my (apparently delicious) legs.  And let’s not forget the frenzy of phone calls, asking whoever hadn’t yet arrived, if they could bring insect repellant, torches and two extra sets of pants (for Tran and I).  Later, with Elliot’s wonderful gas-light lamp (and Gabby’s 15 tea-light lanterns, we out-showed the sky for whose enormity, produced a lacking exhibition!

I can’t wait until summer nights replace lengths of indoor unconsciousness with shared spreads of outdoor dreams. I imagine being in the company of my favourite people, free to be nocturnal by the government of a lenient warmth – without the fear in an unrelenting cold.  I think the bulk of my daydreams are of us lying on some ground, looking at the sky, not feeling cold, and both not needing to talk but not being able to restrain our untamed dreams of freedom and conquest.

Summer’s nearly home… as are you!


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