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morning with the mother

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day?, incr-edibles by enisea on 11/11/2011

I roused to the buzz of indi-pop as my phone vibrated in an intrusive frenzy. 6:30am.  Then that all-too-familiar “I’ll get up at 45” sigh, a routine thought nowadays, countered this morning only just, by a furrowed obligation.

“It’s Ma’s birthday, and I have no present for her, let alone much money. I have to make breakfast.” 

Heavy eyelids flickered unwillingly open as my retinas reluctantly adjusted to the morning.  I exited the house in pj shorts, assuring myself that nobody would notice because I had pulled a casual singlet over my sleepy head.  Teeth brushed and keys in hand, I drove to the local supermarket at 6:57am…where I waited alongside another restless grandmother who had apparently waited for half an hour for the 7am open.  We exchanged scenarios for needing to buy goods too early in the morning – she was short of milk and bread for her grandkids and wanted to make them lunch for school.  I wanted to buy fruits and icecream to make breakfast for my mother.  She was chatty and although unimpressed that the trading hours of our local had inconvenienced her, was an upbeat conversationalist I was glad to wait with for a noticeable 4 minutes.  She told me how obsessed her daughter was about mangoes – we were talking about fruits – telling me her daughter could easily eat 3 mangoes at a time and consume 10kgs of the stuff within a week!  “Darling, I don’t understand it, she crazy! I buy her mangoes, and her husband buys her mangoes and she eats it all!”

Once the automatic doors permitted us entry, we were both in and out within 2 minutes.  Seeing me pick up a punnet of blueberries, she exclaims “Darling, that’s my favourite!” which I smile and nod in response, “Oh really?”.  Arms clad with vanilla icecream, a bunch of bananas and blueberries, I checkout and drive home on autopilot.

I already had pancake shake. I had shaken it and then loosed the lid to release the pent-up pressure. I walked away and back again, picked up the bottle and shook it furiously, only to remember that the lid hadn’t been tightened… only after it had splattered on my face, in my hair and a little over the kitchen bench and stove top.  Wonderful.  Cleaned it up and then began.  It is my tested rule of thumb that the first 3 pancakes are seldom perfect, so I spent 3 pancakes calibrating saucepan surface temperature and remembering timing.

A little prettying up and mother’s suggestion to melt (fairtrade) dark choc was a marvelous idea.  I was so excited about how wonderful it all appeared I bound right up to the sister’s room to ask (probably too loudly) if she wanted some.  I opened her door and she was sitting up on her bed, head in hands, unresponsive for the most part, but slowly shook her head… shame, really.

After breakfast, we settled outside, in the comfort of the morning, fed and smiling, clicking through the pictures Daddio had taken in my parents’ recent trip to China. Taking an hour to hear my mother’s experience, we smirked at my father’s obvious fascination in seemingly ordinary scenes.  I took my time this morning – told work I’d be in at 10:30 instead of 9ish; I seldom relax in the mornings, it seems I have too much to do – thus I have little to enjoy.  It was nice, really nice.  Appreciating the scenery we’d lately taken for granted, I sat with my mother, and she sat with me; together admiring the work of the man closest to us both. 

My father’s creativity (and landscaping and DIY ability) is pretty stunning.  As is the woman who here admires it. 

Happy 50th, Mother Dear!  What a day to turn half century!


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  1. Sleeven said, on 12/11/2011 at 2:11 AM

    You (,your cooking abilities and your photography) are amazing Sister :)
    ‘Darling’ andddddd a babe (i had to use the word :P)

    • enisea said, on 12/11/2011 at 9:42 AM

      i dont know if cooking abilities are really exhibited via pancake shake (where you just add water, shake it together and pour it onto a pan)… and anyone can cut fruit and drizzle choc. hahaha, i tried to play with focus, but as much as i turned this knob and that, I couldn’t focus on the very far blueberry on the top of the furthest plate…which is what i wanted…but contended with this still very impressive photo which the auto function worked out for me. So photography is still my amateur tops either :P

      but thanks Sleeve, it’s nice, and I get what you’re saying, butttttt “babe” is far from my favourite term of endearment. Sort of sits on the same uneven shelf as “baby girl” – which i had to hound matthew who kept using it on me. I think if I finally do come around, I only want to hear that from the female gender or only one person from the male gender, and there’s not yet a person in a position to use it.

  2. saNdra said, on 12/11/2011 at 12:21 PM

    ohla! you see the beauty in even waking up in crazy hours of the morn to head to the shops =]

    hmm i too am one for auto-pilot driving ><"

    p.s. i gotta try some of ya cooking sometime, all these pictures look stunning.

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