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month one

Posted in how was your day?, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 19/12/2011

Here I am again being quite uncool. I keep telling myself “wait til there’s a story, wait til AFTER” but here I am rather itching to tell you it’s been a month… and that’s it.

I’ve been a girlfriend for a month. 
I’ve had a boyfriend for a month.
I’ve been squirmish for a month.
I’ve been too proud/embarrassed to smile as largely as I’d like to for the last month.
I’ve driven about a half of what I usually would this month.
I’ve hardly paid for food this month.
I’ve been on the phone three times more than usual this month.
I’ve been spoilt for a month.

He’s been the worst boyfriend I’ve ever had, this month…
(Unfortunately, this statement is true – only by default, him being the only boyfriend I’ve ever had and all.)

But seriously, couldn’t imagine him being any cooler than he has been so far.

In 20 minutes he’s taking me to dinner to celebrate this month and I bet I won’t be able to look at him for the first 15 minutes… or half the night. 

Shucks – I am so uncool.


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  1. saNdra said, on 20/12/2011 at 1:27 PM

    haha =] squirmish !

    have fun ^^

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