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my latest charmer

Posted in heroes of mine, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 20/01/2012

He was charming.

He smiled at just about everyone whose eye he could catch.  His gestures to and behind passer-bys were witty coupled with that gleam in his eye. He knew I was watching him as I slowed my pace in passing his stand.  I met his gaze and he motioned to me with suave vividity, as though to tell me in his own way that I was some sort of beautiful. Smiling shyly, I nod and walk reluctantly on before stopping out of view.

I wanted to see him again. He was selling magazines, none of which I was remotely interested in – I used to buy a few back in my university days but the editions always seemed less witty and interesting than the one before it and my small collection slowed to a halt.  It’s been a while, I thought to myself , and I’d buy a magazine from a beautiful person just to buy a little more time in their company.

So I walked back and stood in front of him smiling. He rose and winked at me, nodding to his stock with a raised brow and a suggestive smile. I nodded and was thrilled in the conversation that ensued.  Well, it wasn’t much of a conversation, he had me at hello.  I couldn’t get a word out, he did all the talking. 

He spoke differently to anyone I’d ever talked to.  I tried to tame the girlish grin that cracked along my face because, well, he was charming.  Where others spoke with words, his language was rich with hand gestures, facial expressions, pops, clicks and unrecognised English.  He whipped out a mag from where it lay on top of the pile of clones and twirled it around his head, up his arm and presented it to me with a flick, a nod and a lovely smile.  I felt like royalty. After the exchange of magazine for purple note, he signs and says “thank you” in one of the most appreciative manners I can recall!

I think the fortunate half of society often has a big issue of lacking personality.  I was fortunate enough to encounter a beautiful stranger of charming ardor and he made my day… I hope you make somebody else’s.



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  1. Charlie said, on 21/01/2012 at 2:37 PM

    =) he sounds like he could make a decent go at making balloon animals for kids”
    And your alphabet entry was really cool!

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