the dance of the ink riddled fingers

watching other fingers dance over electric ivory

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day? by enisea on 06/02/2012

He played like I’d never heard it before.  His fingers, dancing along the keyboard in an orchestrated crescendo; building tension, creating climax, and then sighing beautiful relief in a few tapered and surprisingly light summaries.  His timing was impeccable and the heart behind the medley was honest and vulnerable.  Nimble fingers cascaded upon keys in ambush attacks on my composure.  Like the release of a line of arrows, I decided that resistance was futile and wound my defenses down – surrendering control of my exterior, immersed instead in quiet overwhelm (of a wonderful kind).

I had to leave my seat because it had triggered something a little deeper and I let weep something both lost and found… mysteriously familiar but for the most part unidentified.

And I don’t know why I cried like that, I’ve never heard electric keyboard rounded so well and danced so impressively over.  He was a meek man with a grand sort of humility.  Having recovered completely from an unkind ailment that has wrestled him to the emergency room of a hospital, his nervous smile over the opportunity to share his celebration of life was such a blessing!  His gratefulness for health and indebtedness to a loving God dripped off the keyboard in beautiful harmonies and melodic cadences.  And my amazement at such beauty dripped from a leak in my eye.

I love watching others love in different ways.

Having detached piano from passion in my own experiences, it was absolutely inspiring seeing it in such full expression in another. I hope one day to write as well as he played.  It’s such a privilege watching other fingers dance in different ways!


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