the dance of the ink riddled fingers

knight to king

Posted in epiphany tiffany by enisea on 08/02/2012

His game of chess revolved around the knight.  He liked the knight more than the others and would have no qualms sacrificing his queen to save his knight.  For him, it was the knight that impressed and intrigued him the most.  The nature of its character, its unique pattern of moves.  So enamoured was he by the piece that he would go to extraordinary lengths to win the game using his prized player, with victory seemingly less sweet without the knight.

It became an obsession.  And sure enough, his opponents knew exactly how to rob him of his pleasure in the game – take his knights.  Once without knights, his passion halved (though any occasion a pawn made it across the board, anyone might guess what piece he’d transform it into).  It was peculiar, as as much as he became well versed in winning strategies via his knights as key movers… his priorities were skewed and his game was compromised.

It’s an unfortunate thing when an our involvement with a piece (yes, important; yes, valued; not the point) in the game is responsible for the neglect of one’s own king.  To protect the wrong piece at the wrong time isn’t a clever strategy.


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