the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in thought spills by enisea on 29/02/2012

Allow me to excuse myself in my obvious absence from the frequent diary of a noisy mind.

Outside the now necessary excessive of regulatory documentation in kindergarten teaching, and the thousands of words I’m required to justify and reference for the reports and essays of this semester’s three subjects… by the time I’m left with my own thoughts, I’ve much less heart to transpose my chaos into purty type.  This year’s going to be my finest and hardest year to date, and inevitably, to survive thrive, I’ll need to be a little wiser with my delegation of energies. Hence, this favourite pastime of blogging my overthoughts will taper to a slow pulse.  For, of all the identities I wish to colour very well this year: teacher, student, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, worshiper… being a good and regular blogger is not among my significant priorities.

This isn’t goodbye.

(Because everytime I’ve tried to farewell blogging, well…it didn’t exactly happen.)

Whether I blog everyday or once a year – I’ll still be a blogger.  Either way, don’t hold your breath, my loves.


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