the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in epiphany tiffany, thought spills by enisea on 03/04/2012

If for some reason, you forgot. Just forgot – something, anything, everything… would you be sad that you no longer knew which way to go/how it worked/what their response would be? Or would you be excited about getting to discover something new (whether it was or wasn’t new)?

Like amnesia.

I’m forgetting.

So I feel very much like the hypothetical above is my current headspace.  I get to decide whether I feel sad about my recent uncertainty of – something, anything, everything or embrace my love for (re)discovery.  Because really, the perception I wear changes everything.  Suddenly I need vision.  Suddenly the taken-for-granted assumptions about life and the relationships I have, have been coated in a fresh layer of unfamiliarity – which is sort of wonderful.  And though rehabilitating that know-it-all-(mostly) confidence sunk a considerable portion of pride, and sometimes I just keep quiet in my consumption of the massive servings of humble pie than nobody else knows I eat… I think it’s a huge relief forgetting that I’ve been pretending to know everything, and actually knowing that I don’t.

From where I am now, I suppose I recommend a healthy amount of forgetting.

Sometimes we need to forget what we used to always do to discover what we can also do. Yes?


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