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Posted in epiphany tiffany, frozen frames, how was your day?, incr-edibles by enisea on 10/07/2012

I wasn’t in my favourite state of mind this morning, flooded with insecurity before having swung my legs over the side of my bed. I wanted desperately to be able to will the day away and feel better tomorrow, but my warm abode gave me dimished comfort, so I decided to heed wise counsel and face the day.  Against my usual pattern of progress, I took a deep breath, climbed into a dress I’ve never worn out, looked myself in the mirror and nodded a contented that’ll do. Scrounging impatiently through a few recipe books til I found a recipe with a photo I agreed with and with ingredients I had majority of, I went about creating. I say creating because I didn’t follow the recipe, I substituted a quarter of the ingredients, omitted one and added another, following all processes casually. Which is probably why I had to smirk over what I’d score a 5/10 product I wouldn’t pay money for.  But my failed attempt at delectable comfort food got me working towards a bite-size goal (pun intended), and sometimes we just need to do easy and laughable little things to get into a momentum of progress after running into a wall.  Doing little things like dressing nice when nobody will see you on a rainy day at home (because if we dressed worse than we feel, we’d need to scrape ourselves off the ocean floor), text messaging a friend lame jokes from a 15 year old colour-in kids joke book, ruining a recipe and blogging about it.  Because some days are full of sighs and rather than getting you to sympathise with me, I just needed to tell myself squarely, “that was dumb”, so here’s to getting over self when stupidity gets the better of us, and we’re visited with emotional consequence first thing the next day.

I documented my adaptation to what probably would’ve originally been a great recipe, just incase I had stumbled upon the secret to making the best cookies – I didn’t, but here are my adaptations, so you know not to make the same mistakes.  I wouldn’t be able to tell you which of my experimental changes was most detrimental because I made several… but raw sugar is very different to brown sugar and wholemeal flour is very different to plain flour… and if you keep your goods in the oven for 70% longer than stated, don’t be surprised when the top tray comes out burnt.  I suppose there are many life lessons to be learnt from food preparation – this one being about how following instructions can often be a good idea.

Dearly beloved, here’s to making mistakes, climbing over them and trying to do things differently with the next batch of opportunities – because that’s what life presents us with, ingredients for making our lives.  Don’t be wasteful, you’ve been given some great ingredients.  And I can’t wait to share in some of your lives over wonderful meals.  Ahh, life is a mystery box.


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