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Posted in handfuls of ambition, how was your day? by enisea on 03/09/2012

One of my favourite things in life… is starting things.  I love starting things. I love the inauguration of something new. I love difference, am charmed by challenge and have a strange fetish for the smell of infancy.  Which also (sadly) makes me susceptible to novelty, with a tendency towards restlessness in having to be consistent.

I am a starter and I know I’m not the only one.

I now find myself shuffling my feet and looking sheepishly around, awkwardly trying to do a decent job of maintenance (a less favourable pastime).  See, many of the things I have started are now demanding I attend to and keep them going healthily. Warranted. These times, however, cultivate prime opportunities for my imagination to imagine finishing these already-started commitments and dreaming up the next. I’m getting itchy for the next adventure, for the next new chapter, for the next new book.

Many friends are travelling the world.

I want to start that.


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  1. saNdra said, on 06/09/2012 at 12:03 AM

    ohh!! *puts hands in air* me too me too!
    I love starting things, im really bad at keeping them :'[

    take care!!

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