the dance of the ink riddled fingers

about the Fraids.

Posted in epiphany tiffany, thought spills by enisea on 03/10/2012

Fraids. Little beings with an incredible capacity to create the most mesmerising compositions together!  They were every third shade of every second colour of the rainbow, that’s how they were related.  Some were softer than others, and some were rather distinct.  Fraids didn’t even always coordinate well with just any other either, just as not every colour combination is quite complementary.  This said, it usually didn’t take them long to work out awkward arrangements to something more coherent and altogether.  You can be sure that every time you saw something inspiring, it was the Fraids making a new arrangement.  And if you listened with utmost care, you might even have heard them nudge or bark at each other with cute demand (don’t tell them I said “cute”, though their voices are tiny, the ones with deeper voices never like that description).

Sometimes though, at a moment of concussion, one may wander from the rest, become disorientated and end up alone.  That didn’t work, because Fraids stuck together; and when they didn’t or when they weren’t trying to, they’d get upset and each would walk away to their own little corner.  There were many corners in their world, some especially sharp and others especially cold.  Now, when in a corner, each Fraid would miss the others and the warmth of company that they often danced around each other.  Trust me, had you ever been danced around and giggled over until the climate perfects to a balmy 23 degrees no matter what time of day it is, then you would miss it too.

That’s the thing, Fraids were beautiful because they worked together, because they were overjoyed at each other and they seldom wanted anything quite contrary to the bigger and grander picture.  They existed as a family; and because they always found each other and always rescued each other, they weren’t ever alone for more than 14 seconds. They weren’t all on about themselves and how to promote their own particular shade, colour or characteristic.  They were all about each other.  The delight they had over each other was sincerely impressively and admirable.

They were Fraids. They were together.
You’d be hard pressed to find Fraids in disarray, let alone a Fraid.
Never a Fraid for more than 14 seconds.

Imagine that!


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