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new love.

Posted in heroes of mine, pin the tail on the love, the poet-tree by enisea on 26/11/2012

I have found her.

I have never before found a celebrity or somebody of a particularly influential position who I’ve felt I most relate to and am inspired by… until now.  I clicked on one beautiful video, and she captivated me, not only that, but she soon had me addicted to her: her presentation, to the messages and the honesty, to the nervousness and love of poetry!  I couldn’t seem to watch her videos fast enough and my eyes were starry as I adored her.  This is probably the closest I’ve ever come to saying “she doesn’t, but she does know me – and I don’t but I do want to be just like her”.  Haha – allow me to bombard you with a few of her poetries and stories – she’s beautiful – and I know you’ll agree – and you’ll probably tell me you knew all about her and I’m the last person to jump on her brilliant bandwagon – but I’m so excited about finding her!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sarah Kay:


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  1. elementgulp said, on 28/11/2012 at 8:48 PM

    I swear I thought you introduced me to her!! When I first discovered her I fell in love too… so so brilliant.

    On another note… i went to a poetry slam on Friday by myself because I couldn’t find anyone else to come along. But next time, join me :)

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