the dance of the ink riddled fingers

half everything, full smile.

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 14/01/2013

She found herself surrounded in half of everything.  As though every catergory had been opened and the contents had been positioned strategically around the living quarters of her mind.  She was halfway through four books and hardly remembered nor cared about them.  She considered starting another, and did – wishing silently that she was the kind who could look at a page for 5 seconds and have read it.  She wanted to be so much wiser… and an inch taller. One unwrapped present, two undelivered cards and one empty card waiting to be written (of whose addresses she couldn’t remember) sat within arms reach, annoying her.  There were also photos that didn’t fit in photo albums and plain white t-shirts that hadn’t yet been tie-dyed.  A sock she had halfway sown into a zebra…a year or two ago, sat forlorn and dusty, with limbs yet to be attached.  Bits and pieces all over her life seemed to reiterate that unfinished business was fashionable here.

She just wanted things to be done: her room cleaned, gifts delivered, book written, everything known and everything in its right place – as though maybe the world could be perfect.

Smirking at her own nerve to have so much want of everything, she couldn’t help feeling ridiculously content.


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