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Posted in epiphany tiffany, heroes of mine by enisea on 05/08/2013

I’m starting to realise that I’ve found the children we’ve always dreamed about.  My classroom is filled with them.  And it took me 6 months to realise it!  The mad ones, the crazy ones and the ones who used to annoy me. Yes, they come in all sorts.

I’ve started to see my struggling readers as the future best-selling authors, and my struggling times-table memorisers as future engineers and inventors. My frequent scribblers are actually emerging artists and film makers.  My loudest voices are only twice as loud as the others’ because they’re probably made to represent the voice on behalf of so many others without one.  Those who are always out of their seats (constantly without permission) to ask endlessly if they can help with something are probably unconventional healers of the community who aren’t concerned with the unwritten rules of the “proper way of doing things” and very persistent.  My classroom jokers are the ones who will most understand how temporary life is here and will not let a day pass without joy (and sharing it).  My extra sensitive ones will be the forecasters of events.  My rough and tumble ones will be the bravest in the harshest times.  The girls who don’t stop reading will be so full of admirable stories that they will have no problem living their own.  My rowdier ones will be the stirrers who aren’t afraid to challenge tradition – qualifying what is or isn’t worth continuing.  My ‘little police’ are going to be the pioneers of accountability and the whistleblowers of injustice.  My incomplete  homeworkers are some of the most honest, and won’t be afraid of being transparent with their struggles to help others in theirs, not to mention learning the weight of responsibility, cause and effect.

I suppose you never need to look far to find the children we want to lead the future… and the now, if we let them.

These little people are going to change the world.  It is rather silly of me to think any less of them than the best of them.  They just need a little refining!  They already have what they need; they’re already beginning to exude who they are and the good they’re capable of.  Now to believe they’re all exactly the people the world needs to heal and fight for good.  They’re exactly the children I need in my life at the moment because they’re prompting some serious shifts of perspective!

Jesus, let me never think small of them!


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  1. saNdra said, on 06/08/2013 at 11:23 PM

    ohla , when did you return to teaching? sounds good ^^

    • enisea said, on 07/08/2013 at 7:43 AM

      Haha, I never stopped, Sandra! I had two years in preschool and now I’m in my first six months of primary. Children never cease to amaze me!

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