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well, that’s part of life…

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With networks like facebook, and exagerations of friendship circles, it’s no wonder we are bombarded with the lives of others – we chose to be.  What’s more, with supposedly 802 friends, statistically I shouldn’t be surprised when news comes that one of them just died this morning.

I haven’t seen him in person for at least three years, and I knew him very little, but still there’s a distance sadness that comes with not knowing what happened and that life was lost “early”.  I won’t pretend that I’m mourning somebody I hardly knew, or that I need any sympathy.  I think what’s shocked me is the reminder that death happens and our time here is not at all guaranteed until the age of 70, which we mindlessly assume; being young – that we will get the opportunity to grow old.  I suppose, there’s also the shocking reality that I have a stupendous amount of “friends” on facebook, yet one has died and I don’t know how, and the other week I was introduced to another that I was supposedly “friends” with on facebook – and I didn’t know her until tracing back relationships.  I even have a personal policy that I will not accept friendships with people I’ve never met – yet still I don’t know most of these people.

Of the time I did know this late friend, what he contributed to my news feed was mostly loneliness and crudeness. I don’t know which is sadder, that he died young, or that it seemed like he had more friends after he’d died than while he lived.

Aside from broadcasting our own boasts of how great our own lives are, photos and all, perhaps we should take all the necessary meaning of being “friends” with them and  totally remember them while they live.  Just saying.


beginner’s track

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I’ve always been terrible at mariokart. I’m the sort who lean from side to side and yelp throughout races.
Now, I stand more chance of winning than I usually do and the board essentially removes all occasions to display my lack of coordination.  To all the terrible mariokart players out there, this one’s for you.

(If you get this game wrong… well, you should never play games, ever)


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I really shouldn’t have… but a girl’s gotta satisfy her restlessness! I seldom buy second hand sunnies for more than $2.50, these were $3.99; or pay more than $1 for a vinyl, j.jackson cost me $2.99.

I’m moving up in the world… please come with me!

hang me out to dry

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Please note: these photos are not sequential, they are simultaneous scenes [of horror].  I’m not looking forward to the folding process. 1 load yet to be washed, 2 loads to be collected and added to the 3 loads not yet folded. This is the accumulation of what didn’t need to be so overwhelming.  This is what happens when the parents go on holidays.  I’m going to burn hours folding half of the household’s wardrobe. Wonderful.

whistle while weeping

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silly strings

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Meet my wishful-thinking-strings.  I found myself hugely amused by the thought that my attempts at strumming a handful of strings could be equivalent to silly artwork on the cheap instruments.  My guitar, Bluesy, obviously received a little more time for his oil-painted graffiti than Duke (the uke) did, poorly donned with tasteless black permanent marker.  I’m wondering what other cheap and coloured instruments I can get to continue my collection of amusing music deco.

sweet charity: hey big spender

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Retail charity therapy. Three top opportunity shops. $32.94. Probably negligible.

mother duck came back

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from her Japan/Korea tour (she’s famous)… and with her, gifts. Suffice to say, I was very satisfied with the blue and yellow leg warmers, the little oriental japanese pen&pad set and the childish bright nailpolish blocks. The doll is the new addition to our dusty family of pretty whatevers.

I love complete families. We are again four/four! I love us Fongs.


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I happened upon a lovely machine, whose box had a delivery sticker dated 24/2/66. An attractive green box, which first called my attention to her. I called Jonah since he was the last person I remembered or knew who had ever taken photos with slide film. I bought her on his behalf and took her home, giving her life at the powerpoint just outside my room. She immediately buzzed to being, and after feeling around the bottom of her, flicked the bulb light on, and there she shone. Even with spots of dust freckled across her screen, I couldn’t have felt more proud of turning on a machine. I named her Chelsee.

Excuse the picture quality, my phone’s 3.2mp camera is more accommodating outdoors.