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new seasons

Posted in Uncategorized by enisea on 01/03/2015

There is nothing like the hindsight and staggering realisation that months, years and life seasons have just transpired.  That life is neither infinite nor unchangeable. And here I sit one Sunday afternoon to breathe it in. Because so many things are dawning.  And there is nothing like the surprise wedding occasion that you never assumed you wouldn’t be invited to… to rinse you (me) in humility and a fresh remembrance that everybody else’s life is happening too.  I forget people all the time, especially when my life is all about me.  It is hard not just to think about what I, myself, am doing and trying to achieve.  Alas, I forget others all the time. Those who were so close to me once upon a time, and who walked, rode and laughed with me, forgotten.  I was/am so busy chasing my own dreams that perhaps I forget to thank them/you for being who they/you were, let alone for liking me and choosing to be friends. I don’t suppose it’d be easy to be friends with me, I forget people frequently. What a laugh!

But yes, I intended to talk about new seasons.  There are so many exciting things on the horizon.  That many things to be grateful for, which I may not expound on via blogging, for I fear this season too is coming to a close. Or at least a very slow crawl.

For now I write manuscript – which happens to be all over the place and various chapters (can you even call them chapters?) of a few sentences or perhaps even a few paragraphs.  No particular order or even cohesion yet.  But this is one horizon I have dreamt of for many years; yet lacked the discipline and driving desire to actually eventuate.  Yet 2015 seems like a good time to make good on one dream at least, because we are dreamers – And to not live one of your many dreams would be a waste of life and very tragic indeed.

The End.

It seems I’ve forgotten how to blog. 


how to honour those above you, when you think you’d do a better job.

Posted in Uncategorized by enisea on 24/08/2014

There’s no poetry for this. This is the difficult task of living in today’s western society: where honour is rare and criticisms, rife. I’ve been challenged by Humility. Because there is no success in a society where every individual is unabashed about finding fault in every other.  There is an epidemic of rudeness that has plagued the western culture, dictating the execution of respect and honour under the pretext of “freedom of speech”.  This has erked me to no end, but particularly now, because I had been alerted that I too had been infected.  Thus, to overcome my diagnosis of poison, which cripples one’s ability to see beauty in others (Imago Dei), I thought to write a (by no means exhaustive) list for healthy perceptions of those above you, sort of as a doctor might prescribe to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is my understanding of (the Biblical definition of) Humility: where love and respect is awarded to another human being, just for being a human being; and said love and respect gives preference to such other over oneself, because that’s what Jesus would do/did.

How to Honour Those Above You, When You Think You’d Do A Better Job
(if you could relate to the title, you have the same issues as I = you need some humble pie)

  • Share your strategies (as suggestions) in ways that don’t make you superior.
  • Back those above you, in their decisions, and talk to them if you don’t understand it.
  • Pray for them.
  • Do what leadership suggests and do it with excellence (without an ounce of complaint).
  • Thank God that you don’t have to be in their position, because it’s more work than you realise.
  • Write down your ideas/dreams and use the time spent not yet executing them, to refine them.
  • Check yourself to see if your desire is for those above you to succeed.
  • Ensure that the words you are speaking of your leaders would bless them and anyone else you talk to about them.
  • Realise that faithfulness and commitment is more valuable to a team than believing you have a better way of doing things.
  • Thank them for everything they’ve done because they’ve lead in such a way that got you to a point where you will succeed them in one way or another.
  • Take them out sometime to appreciate/honour them and enjoy their company as a person, not a position above you.
  • Remember: Jesus had to endure 30 years of knowing He was better qualified than any above him, but rather than give up/change church/complain, he spoke when it was His time and not a moment sooner.
  • Don’t mistake having to work hard as an abuse of freedom.  Every part of this kingdom toils for the cause of Christ, if you have a weekend, access to the internet and time to read this, you have much more free time than a billion other kingdom harvesters, who continue to work relentlessly.
  • Forgive quickly – none will escape being let down/disappointed by somebody above them. Remember we are all human, we are a body, and we can turn failures into learning when we exercise grace and forgiveness as a matter of urgency.

I think that’ll keep me busy enough for the moment.  If anyone thinks of other ways to learn humility, then please, let me know – or challenge if one of my ideas if you don’t think it works! Please don’t misinterpret this as my latest set of commandments, but rather a checkpoint to review my heart, whenever I think my voice should be louder than one of my authorities’.